Timber, Teams & Our Partnership Together

To me, the first priority of the new relationship between United and TCNB has been identifying opportunities where we are better together and learning more about each other. Recently, Hal and some of his team took time to join with United’s managers for one of our meetings. I should point out this was the first time we as a bank have been together in over a year. In fact, our Semmes Branch Manager joined us in late 2019 and this was her first chance to meet many of her peers.

These encounters help build a better understanding of our cultures and our people. As we progress together these relationships will be important to expand the offerings and services of both companies.

To that end, new products are being introduced through TCNB. The TCNB experience in timber and logging are helping to redefine how these customers are served. Better together.

Each week we have status meetings to ensure we are on track to meet the mid-July closing. While there are many tasks to be performed, the teams are working closely to ensure this date is met.

These are unprecedented times. We talk about change and how things will be different in the future. That is true. The encouraging thing is that this joining of UB and TCNB is that it is a change for the better and ensures our companies are positioned for a positive future and not a reactive one.

I can’t close without acknowledging a milestone and recognizing the hard work of our team. First the milestone. United closed May with total assets exceeding $1 billion. For those United team members, it was not too long ago that we celebrated crossing $500 million. The second item was our efforts in delivering PPP loans to our communities. This was hard work and continues as we process the loans. While it is hard work, the benefits are many. Thank you to everyone that put in those long hours and redirected the work and days to meeting these challenges. That spirit is what makes United special!