Community Celebration and Cookout Event

To me the big event last week was the Community celebration and cookout in Camden. News reports were that in addition to a gas shortage, Camden had a hamburger bun run and shortage! Over 400 meals were served along with lots of smiles and handshakes. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks to everyone that helped. It was fun to see the United Marketing team working closely with the TCNB team to create a successful event. This was a perfect example of how we are “Better Together.”

Through the end of the first quarter both companies continue to perform well. The teams are engaged on a daily basis working the plan. Over the next few weeks, the focus will be on the legal, regulatory and accounting tasks to be performed. Keep in mind, not everything has to be done and completed before closing. This is a long-term process and not a sprint. There are things that must be done before closing, but then we will be working for months refining and improving processes.

Hal continues to remind everyone to keep serving our customers and I totally agree. Right now, that should be all of our focus. If we do that well, everything else will work out.

I’ll close with this story. There were these two guys standing in line, waiting on their Monroe Sausage Dog. They were looking at the new tent with the TCUB logo. One of them looked over and said to the other guy, “Looks like the only thing changing is the ‘N’ is turned upside down and is now a ‘U’.” That is exactly what we want the customers and community to experience. The same level of service but with an expanded product offering.