Auto Medic Wrecker & Towing

Towing and Emergency Roadside Service in Baldwin County

Established in August of 2015, Auto Medic Wrecker & Towing offers medium-duty towing and recovery as well as emergency roadside services. Owner Lavon Parr has over 20 years of experience. He started driving a wrecker at the age of 18. He bought his first truck in 2015 and now has a fleet of 28 trucks and 21 employees.

Lavon is a life-long resident of Baldwin County. He grew up in Bon Secour but now makes Silverhill his home. In addition to his wrecker service, he has 27 years as a first responder and paramedic, which is how he came up with the name of his business. Lavon considers himself very blessed. The support of the community has helped him to grow his business by tripling it in just the past three years.

“I get a lot of reward out of helping people,” Lavon said. He described how he was called out one evening for a family who was travelling through the area. Their car had broken down and they were desperate for help. He was able to replace their alternator and even offered them additional funds to get them to where they needed to go because it was obvious they didn’t have a lot.

Lavon looks at his relationship with United Bank in much the same way, helping and supporting the customer. His dedication and work ethic has made his company successful and because of that, was awarded the exclusive contract with AAA for the entire Baldwin County area.