Alligator Alley

A safe and natural swamp for alligators to call home

Alligator Alley is situated on over 20 acres of natural cypress swamp in southern Baldwin County. It is home to 700 alligators that have been rescued from areas that are considered dangerous to both them and humans and transported to this natural environment created out of a spring-fed cypress tree farm in Summerdale. Each alligator is individually tagged and accounted for.

Owner Wes Moore started Alligator Alley in 2004. His roots go back many years in Baldwin County and the land that the farm sits on was originally owned by his grandfather, who farmed sweet corn and other vegetables. Wes employees eight full-time employees but that number swells to 16 when ramping up for the summer months. Wes said this past summer’s business was great since COVID and really draws in the families. Kids are especially fascinated by the alligators and love feeding them the special alligator nuggets that can be purchased at the farm.

When describing his banking relationship with United Bank, he mentions that his family’s ties to the bank go back over 30 years. Wes said it best, “I like a small town bank. I know my banker and my banker knows me.”

Operating hours are daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm February through December. The self-guided tours are along elevated boardwalks that allow safe viewing of the alligators and other natural wildlife. It’s kid and family friendly and offers guided field trips and accommodations for birthday parties.